Drea Ibarra


Uber for NYFW | 2018


Sage Magazine | 2017

Yale University

The Technology Issue | 2017

Flat Magazine

Astrophilia | 2016

Self-published Hardcover

Loose Buttons | 2016

LadyGunn Magazine Online

J. Colby Smith | 2014

The Vice Channels: i-D Online


Transitions | Bronx Breeze Gallery | 2017

En Foco: The Apartment Gallery Series

Fleeting | Parsons Gallery | 2015

Re:Definition Exhibition

About Drea

From the far, far away galaxy of Astro, Drea traveled thousands of light years to planet Earth, to study its micro and macrocosms through photography and science. Capturing and recording her data through statistics and photographic material, Drea's esoteric images convey the ever-haunting notion of how small we truly are, when compared to the spanse of the universe.